In year 2020 i created my own Youtube channel. I invite all zitherplayer to watch and listen to the recordings: collection of songs Citre ACitre B in Citre C (as play-a-long) and teaching books Citre 1 and Citre 2 (1. part2. part3. part). I believe that play-a-long would be a benefit for many zitherplayers as well as challenge, help and positive encouragement. And i invite music lovers to listen to interresting clips Zither moves - Citre v živo 


»Peg top… As peg tops are vary and are colorful as is sound of zither …«

In October 2016 my third music album Vrtavka has been released. If you are interested in upgrade of sound of zither as concert and virtuosic instrument ... It contains my musical works and works of other Slovenian female composers.

In last couple of years there have been written several beautiful music pieces for zither solo. Irena decided in 2016 that she will record them. She followed her red thread of her second album - Cvetje v Bachu, but this time she has focused on her own pieces and musical works of other Slovenian female composers (Urška Orešič Šantavec, Tina Mauko). It is all about modern approach that is close to youngsters. Album is all in all likable continuation of her outlined way and is upgrade of sound of zither as concert and virtuosic instrument.

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