Zither moves

Somber city for zitherduo, F. Schwenk:
Bell Vedere, T. Robinson:
Courrente Carriglon (from Partie), G. A. Logi:
La caccia, P. Kiesewetter:


Zither moves (2008) is one of the rare compilations in the world with modern and old renaissance music played on zither (order: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

1. Somber city for zither duo, Fredrik Schwenk (*1960)
2. Bell Vedere, Thomas Robinson (1560-1609)
3. Stele for alt zither , Leopold Hurt (*1979)
4.-5. Sonata K.177: Moderato e Cantabile – Minuet, Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
6. Psalterium for descant zither, Helmut Bornfeld (1906-1990)
7.-13. Partie: Overture – Allemande – Courrente Carriglon
 – Sarabande – Bourre – Menuette – Guigue/Double, Graf Anton Logi (1643/45-1721)
14. La Caccia, Peter Kiesewetter (*1945)
15. Hadassa for descant zither and dulcimer, Peter Kiesewetter (*1945)
Duration: 63:00.

Irena Zdolšek, zither
Guests: Florian Liebl, zither; Michel Watzinger, dulcimer
Published by Klangmueller, Germany