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Canary, H. Oberlechner:
Two of a Kind, F. Golden:
Moj očka, Slovene folk song:
Fantje po polj gredo, Medley of Slov. folk songs:
Že dolgo nismo pili ga, Slovene folk song:
Adeste fideles, J. Reading:
Angel poje dete, French Christmas song:
Holy night, F. Gruber:


"V spominsko knjigo" Ipavcev, Sounds of Slovenia, Autumn fairytales, Christmas with Zither, Zither collage, Slovenian zither quartet ... 


"In memory book" from brothers Ipavec was a project in 2018. In cooperation with library Šentjur (i was artistic leader of this project) we decided to record colourful musical legacy of brothers Gustav and Benjamin. Sopranistin Urška Arlič Gololičič sang with zither, tenorist Matej Vovk was accompanied by piano player Mateja Hladnik, piano trio Rupnik played Anna's foursome and clarinetist Jurij Hladnik played with zither player Irena Anžič as well as with piano player Mateja Hladnik.  

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Sounds of Slovenia (Sozvočja Slovenije) is a multimedia project, which represents Slovenian folk heritage in modern and living contemporary arrangements. It includes a group of top Slovenian musicians, which have already established themselves as excellent soloists as well as in different groups (Jararaja, Katalena, Magnifico, Kisha, Elevators, Fake Orchestra etc.). 

Order: in year 2014 have some pieces been published in vinyl and digital form – get it on itunes.

Irena Anžič has participated in songs “Zrejlo je žito” and “Megla z jezera”.

Jesenske pravljice” (2014) (Autumn Fairy Tales) for zither from Žiga Stanič consists of nine short pieces, which are devoted to young zither players. The zither, most commonly found in the alpine regions of Europe, was once one of the most popular instruments in Slovenia, which is why the majority of Slovenian compositions for zither consist of folk-like tunes. The present collection of nine “fairy tales” was composed as a response to a call for newly composed zither scores. It fills the void in the field of didactic, technically less demanding music for this instrument, and was created on the initiative of Irena Anžič, a Slovenian zither player. The collection of nine fairy tales for zither represents a revised and expanded version of a homonymous work composed for the same musician a decade ago (2004). The individual pieces summarize characteristic melodic patterns of the different nations they are named after (German, Japanese, Finnish, Jewish, American, Siberian, Slovenian, Native American, Ancient Greek fairy tales).

Irena Zdolšek, zither
Sound: Žiga Stanič
Digital montage and mastering: Klemen Veber
2014, self-published by Žiga Stanič

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“Božič s citrami” (Christmas with zither) is a musical compilation from Slovenian zither quartet, which was released in November 2010 by publisher “Ognjišče”. Songs are both international and Slovenian.

1. L. Belar, arr. T. Plahutnik: Že počiva vsa narava
2. Advent song from Tirol: Odprite vrata
3. A. Vavkeo, arr. T. Plahutnik: Zveličar dans se je rodil
4. J. Reading, arr. T. Plahutnik: Hitite kristjani
5. E. Hudovernik, arr. P. Napret: Dete rajsko, dete sveto
6. French Christmas song, arr. T. Plahutnik: Angel poje dete slavo
7. V. Štolcer, arr. P. Napret: Rajske strune
8. Bavarian folk song
9. I. Hladnik, arr. P. Napret: Angelsko petje
10. American trad., arr. P. Napret: Jingle bells
11. Arr. T. Plahutnik: Venček slov. božičnih
12. F. Gruber, arr. P. Napret: Holy night

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“Citrarski kolaž” (Zither collage) (2009) is a compilation from Slovenian zither quartet, on which are collected several musical genres.

1. J. S. Bach: Gavota from suite Nr. 3 in D-Dur
2. W. Spourni: Giga
3.-5. A. Vivaldi: Small suite from concert op. 10 Nr. 6
6. W. A. Mozart: Freunde
7.-9. F. Golden: Sonatine facile
10. H. Oberlechner: Canary

11. H. Oberlechner: Five in round
12. F. Golden: Two minute blues
13. F. Golden: Two of a kind

14. Spiritual song: Grand Sootbrook Spirit
15. Scottish folk song: Scottish ballade
16. A. Karas: Music from film The Third man

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Musical compilation Slovenski citrarski kvartet (2003) is first recorded by Slovenian zither quartet. They recorded it after three years of their activity. It includes mostly Slovenian folk songs.

1.  S. Premrl: Zdravljica
2.  P. Napret: Fantasy on theme from Gustav Ipavec
3.  Slov. folk song: Moj očka

4.  Slov. folk songs: Medley of drinking songs
5.  Slov. folk song: Sonce čez hribček gre
6.  Medley of Slov. folk songs: Fantje po polj gredo

7.  Slov. folk songs: Medley of merry songs
8.  Slov. folk song: Že dolgo nismo pili ga

9.  Z. Prelovec: Jaz bi rad rdečih rož
10.V. and S. Avsenik: Cvetoči lokvanj

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