Cvetje v Bachu

Zvezdasti janež, S. Vollmaier:
Valček zanjo, J. Dovč:
Cvetje v jeseni, U. Koder, arr. I. Anžič:
Ameriška pravljica, Ž. Stanič:
Na planincah, Slovenian folk song, M. Simić:
Navzgor se širi rožmarin, Slovene folk song, I. Anžič:


 “Cvetje v Bachu” CD has been released in December 2010, on which there are several song originally composed for zither and covers of Slovenian folk songs. Many famous Slovenian authors, arrangers and performers took part in making the CD “Cvetje v Bachu” (Flowers in Bach, order: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

1. Navzgor se širi rožmarin, Slovenian folk song, I. Zdolšek (*1985) 
2. Kresnice, J. Dovč (*1980)
3. Zvezdasti janež, S. Vollmaier (*1982) 
4. Kdor ima srce, Slovenian folk song, I. Zdolšek
5. Valček zanjo, J. Dovč
6. Tivolska jesen, M. Simić (*1973) 
7. Cvetje v jeseni, U. Koder, arr. I. Zdolšek 
8. Amarilis, I. Zdolšek
9.-13. Pravljice for zither solo, Ž. Stanič (*1973): Sibirska - Ameriška - Kalevala - Nemška - Slovenska
14. Na planincah, Slovenian folk song, M. Simić 
15. Sloves, Slovenian folk song, S. Vollmaier
16. Prišla bo pomlad, Slovenian folk song, string instruments improvise
Duration: 55,00.

Janez Dovč, accordion (6), bas (16)
Špela Huzjak, violin (3, 8)
Franja Kočnik, zither (1, 4)
Ethno group Jararaja (14)
String instruments improvise: Cvetrežnik:Bračko:Krečič (Cv:B:K) (16)

Recording and mastering: Janez Križaj
Recorded in the Slovenian filharmonic hall.
Producer: Janez Dovč 

Irena Anžič: »Since 2004, when Žiga Stanič wrote “Pravljice” (Tales) for zither solo, some time has passed and since then my goal was, that all of these songs from Slovenian authors would be recorded. From a withy comment, an idea emerged, grew, evolved and ultimately came true. Solo zither sounds very nice, full, but what if....? So in 2010, with zither player Franja Kočnik, zither duo was born. Duo zither and violin sounds also very interesting, and soon a violin player Špela Huzjak joined in. But zither also goes along perfectly with the accordion, so Janez Dovč as a great musician and accordion player just couldn't stay away. And of course we can't forget the arrangement of Slovenian folk song “Na planincah”, with an awesome ethno group Jararaja and an improvisation of another Slovenian folk song with string instruments. All in all “Cvetje v Bachu” is a compilation of songs that represents Slovenia in many different ways, from Slovenian  traditional instruments to Slovenian traditional Folk songs, but with a new sound and a little twist.«