Solo zither, Duo Timber (flute and zither), Soprano and zither ... 

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"Zither ... Oh, that cool plucked string instrument, on which so many different music genres can be played! From old Renaissance and Baroque music to awesome rhythms and jazz harmonies, and from folk songs and ethno all the way to contemporary music with effects and more. I am graduated zither player and I present zither as versatile instrument. I perform solo, in interesting groups and chamber ensembles, I participate in various projects, I have published several CDs, I teach zither and I wrote several teaching books for zither, collections of songs and issued some modern songs for zither…"

Irena Anžič (before Zdolšek) studied zither at the high school for music and theatre in Munich (2007), where she also performed artistical specialization.  She is a recipient of several awards in international and Slovenian area. She regularly performs both as a soloist and in interesting chamber ensembles and participates in various projects. She deals with the promotion of the zither in various genres. Her debut album "Zither Moves" (2008) includes old and contemporary music, her second album "Cvetje v Bachu" (2010) includes interesting arrangements of Slovenian folk songs and original newly composed works for zither and her third album “Vrtavka” (2016) includes her own pieces and works from other Slovenian female composers.

She teaches at the music schools in Celje and in Slovenska Bistrica. She wrote four teaching books for zither (Zither 1 to 5), three collections of songs for the youngest (Zither A to C) and she issued some modern songs for zither, many of them are on her Youtube channel. On her initiative, several composers wrote for zither (Žiga Stanič, Sašo Vollmaier, Matjaž Jarc, Janez Dovč, Urška Orešič Šantavec, Tina Mauko).

She has collaborated with the College of Music Nürnberg-Augsburg, Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra SNG Maribor ... From 2000 to 2013 she was a member of Slovenian zither quartet, with whom they have recorded three CDs. She has collaborated with many Slovenian musicians and groups (Urška Arlič-Gololičič, Erika Frantar, Tina Anderlič, Špela Huzjak, Franja Kočnik, Jararaja, Aleš Hadalin, Janez Dovč, Severa, Boštjan Gombač, project Sounds of Slovenia…). She also played for some documentaries, theater music, performances and gave many first performances. 

For many years she organized zither seminar and exhibition in Celje and she was vice-president of Slovenian Zither society. She is co-author of the curriculum for zither for secondary music school. Her pupils achieve good results at national and international zither competitions. She has been a member of various committees at national and international zither competitions.